Vigraha Sthapana Mahotsav

Installation ceremony of
Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Murugan with Devayani & The Navagrahas​

Day 1: Nov 13th (Fri) starting at 5.30 PM 

Day 2: Nov 14th (Sat) starting at 10.30 AM

Day 3: Nov 15th (Sun) starting at 8.30 AM

Entry to the temple is by appointments ONLY.  
914-439-4303 to book darshan slot.


Event to be live streamed on our Youtube Channel and Facebook Page

Nov 13th (Fri) at 5.30 PM:

  • Ganapathi pooja  
  • Punyaha Vachanam
  • Raksha Bhandanam
  • Acharya Ritvic Varnam
  • Ankurarpanam
  • Maha Kumbha Upa Kumbha Adhivasam
  • Jaladi vasam 
  • Aarthi 


Nov 14th (Sat) at 10.30 AM:                                         

  • Ganapati pooja 
  • Puniyaha vachanam
  • Bimba Suddhi 
  • Kalasha aradhabam
  • Navagraha homam 
  • Puspadi vasam 

Nov 14th (Sat) at 5.00 PM:

  • Ganapati pooja 
  • Punyha vachanam
  • Kalasha aradhana 
  • Jivadithatava honam 
  • Nethro milanam 
  • Shaiyadi vasam 
  • Maha Mangala Aarati 

Nov 15th (Sun) at 8.30 AM:

  • Shri Ganapathi Pooja
  • Punyaha Vachanam 
  • Navagraha Pooja 
  • Maha Kumbha Upa Kumbha pooja
  • Pradana Homam 
  • Poornahuthi 
  • Prana prathista
  • Kalashabishekam 
  • Alankaram 
  • Archana 
  • Maha Aarthi


Visit Kalasam Sponsor page to sponsor various kalasams during this ceremony. 


WAST Vigraha Sthapana Mahotsav - Sri Rudram Chanting

We need volunteers for Rudram Chanting during the Vigraha Sthapana Mahotsav. 


When: Nov 14th (Sat) & Nov 15th (Sun), 8.00 AM ET to 8.00 PM ET 


Please pick your slot below and kindly RSVP at following address: 


Phone: 914.282.3698

Saturday 11/14/20:

  • 8 AM - 10 AM
  • 10 AM - 12 PM
  • 4 PM - 6 PM
  • 6 PM - 8 PM

Sunday 11/15/20:

  • 8 AM - 10 AM
  • 10 AM - 12 PM 
  • 4 PM - 6 PM


Instructions to join the Sri Rudram Chanting: 
1.  Please join using the link provided,5 mins earlier to the session.
2.  Please join the session using a device with good internet connection, from a bright and clean place.
3.  Requesting all not to wear casuals or shirts.  Dhotis and traditional dress are allowed.
4.  Apply Basma or Urdhva Pundaram as per your tradition. 
5.  Please use headphones.
6.  During chanting please switch on the Video. 

Important email ID:
Admin related mail id :

Seva Diwali - 2020 Food Drive
                          (A Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh [HSS] initiative)

                                  HSS is a voluntary, non-profit, social and cultural organization, and it conducts structured programs and academic activities to develop values such as self-discipline, self-confidence and a spirit of selfless service (sewa) for humanity. 

                                             Sewa Diwali Initiative is a collection of organizations and individuals rooted in Indic values. It's effort by organizations' and people who believe in Sewa Dharma - “Service to Humanity is Service to Divinity”. Visit for more details. 

A drop-box for this initiative is available at our temple from Nov 13th (Fri) to Nov 17th (Tue) for devotees to donate non-perishable food for shelters. Devotees who are willing to donate can drop their items in this box during these 5 days. 


List of Items that can be donated:

  • Pasta
  • Canned Beans
  • Cereals
  • Rice and Quino Bags
  • Crackers/Cookies
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Paper Products
  • Coffee Pods

Monthly Ekadasa Rudra Japam

Next japam's date and time to be announced later

Ekadasa Rudra Japan will be performed every month in the temple.
Ashtabishekam will be performed during the 11th Ahurthi to Lord Shiva.
Please attend with your friends and family and receive the blessings of
Lord Shiva. 

Ramayana Maasam 2020

Jul 16th to Aug 16th 2020 - 7.30 PM everyday

 It is an annual tradition to recite ramayanam everyday during the malayalam month of 'Karkidakam'. This year's recitation is conducted through zoom. As always, Devotees are requested to actively participate and sponsor this year as well. 

Click here to join Zoom meeting

WAST Pongala Festival 

Mar 8th 2020 (Sun) 
7.00 PM

Contact temple office for registrations

Pongala is a harvest festival of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The name 'Pongala' means 'to boil over' and refers to the ritualistic offering of porridge made of rice, sweet brown molasses, coconut gratings, nuts and raisins

Maha Shivaratri day

Feb 21st 2020 (Fri) 5.00 PM
Feb 22nd 2020 (Sat) 6.00 PM

Phase I - 5.00 PM
Kalai’s sthapanam
Ekadsavara Rudra Abhishekam 
Abhishekam by Devotees
Devotional songs by Ranjita Iyer and students

Phase II - 10.30 PM
Shiva panchakshri japam
Bilva Archana

Phase III - 1.00 AM

Phase IV - 3.30 AM

Shiva and 
Nandikeshwara Abhishekam

Upcoming Poojas/Events

Mandalam and Makara Sankranthi

Nov 17th 2019 to Jan 14th 2020

Mandalam seva will be performed at the temple every day during this auspicious Mandalam period. Devotees may sponsor this religious service for one or more days during this time.

Madalam Seva - $201
(Includes the following for 1 day)
Morning Abhishekam
Alankaram (Deity decoration)
Special Ashtabhishekam (7.00 PM)
Anna Dhaanam (Food Prasadam)

Note: Devotees who sponsered this service are suggested to participate in the special ashtahishekam at 6.00 PM on the day they are sponsoring the service. 

Makara Sankranti Festival

Jan 11th 2020 (Sat) 8.00 AM to 9.00 PM

 8.00 AM: Nithya (Daily) Abhishekam
 9.00 AM: Sashtha Preethi Festivities
10.00 AM: Special Ayyappa Abhishekam 
11.00 AM: Bhajan 
12.00 PM: Pamba Sadhya (Lunch for all)
  1.30 PM: Iru Mudi Pooja and Kettu Nara
   4.30 PM: Patha yatra to Sannidhi
   5.00 PM: Nei Abhishekam preparations
   6.00 PM: Nei Abhishekam and Bhajan Starts
   7.00 PM: Deeparadhana (Aarti) 
   8.00 PM: Maha Mangala Aarti 
   8.30 PM: Harivarasanam
   8.35 PM: Anna Daanam (Food Prasadam)

Devotees who are not taking Irumudi can also offer Ghee filled coconut. 
Such devotees can fill ghee in THE coconut from anytime from 11 AM to 4.30 PM

Andal Thiruppavai

Jan 4th (Sat) 5.00 PM to 6.30 PM

Ranjitha Iyer 
Hema Padmanaban 
Vaishnavi Chandran


       Violin:                               Flute:                          Mirudhamgam:
Ravi Srinivasan         Murthy mamidanna         Tarun Shriram

Mandalam Conclusion (41st day) 

Dec 27th 2019 (Friday) at 5.00 PM

Padi Pooja 
Mahamangala Aarti
Food Prasadam